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Metal Gear Solid Antagonists through the years:

(MGS1) Liquid Snake: I wanted to surpass my origins, and become greater than what my destiny had planned for me.  

(MGS2) Solidus: I wanted to free our fellowman from the Patriot’s totalitarian rule, and apparently make the perfect murderer.  

(MGS3) The Boss: I wanted to be free from this never-ending torment of my life at the hands of my most beloved disciple.  

(MGS4) Liquid Ocelot: I wanted to free the world from The Patriot’s control, and carry on the will of my mother, my comrades, and my friends.  

(Peacewalker) Hot Coldman: I wanted to use war to deter the world into peace.  

(Rising) Senator Armstrong: I just wanted to MAKE THE MOTHER OF ALL OMELETTES.  

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